I was hooked. Nothing else mattered. I was obsessed. For over three years I never used my car radio to listen to music. My car became my private seminar. I also ferreted out every successful guy I could find and quizzed them on how they achieved what they achieved, but not just in regards to money. jake riding horse I wanted to know how they not only stayed sober but how they became happy. For the first time in my life I was really willing to listen. Go figure. I knew I needed a real physic change (whatever that meant) and a complete different way of thinking if I was going to make it. I wasn't looking for money. I was looking for peace, contentment, or maybe even happiness. Maybe real estate would be the answer.

I came to realize that if I bought enough rentals the right way and managed them correctly, I could eventually have a passive income. Money wasn't the answer. How I spent my time was paramount. I just wanted my bills to be paid so I could windsurf when there was wind, clam dig when there were tides, golf when my buddies called, herd cattle when invited, and go to Uzbekistan if I felt like it. But now how to succeed.jake wind surfing

I had learned to create a sense of urgency so I gave myself 7 years until the age of 42 to achieve this lifestyle. I figured if Ben Franklin quit at 42, well so could I. How's that for cockiness? I didn't care about my past failures, I only focused on my future. They say the brain is like a garden, left unattended it will grow weeds. So, I constantly fed my brain good, positive, affirming thoughts, all the time, all day. Also squelching any negative thoughts by substituting uplifting ones. They told me my brain ain't my friend. It is actually the enemy most of the time. After a while my new way of thinking started to work and I came to believe I could make it. I tried to stay away from my negative nay-saying buddies as much as I could and I started to hang out with positive like-minded people who were actually doing something with their lives . . . still more