Now I'm Bored

Once my life and mind got clearer, I thought that maybe I should do something with my life. I knew architecture or any desk job wouldn't cut it because I would eventually quit or get fired. It was even worse than that. If I didn't find something in my life that was enjoyable I knew I would just go back to drinking. I was pretty certain that recourse wasn't going to be pretty. I was totally tired of being embarrassed and humiliated about my being a drunk and a failure.jake on boat with playboy bunny

Now the problem. I knew I would get bored with not drinking. I always did. My old life wasn't always fun, but it sure was exciting. I wondered, what if I started a new hobby and a new sport every year. No shit, what a plan. I was going to try anything but not to go backwards. After a few years of sobriety I had tried some real shitty hobbies and some not so cool sports. Here is what became of that experiment. I learned to ski, bought a horse, got into woodworking, got good at golf (good for me), and fell in love with windsurfing. I also had eighteen sky diving jumps and two bungie jumps. The last two sports weren't fun. But I became a believer. Maybe I could have a full life and not drink.

jake in bumble bee costumeI'm not sure why but in the mid 1980's real estate was the new 'get rich quick' scheme. I wasn't as leery as I should have been about this new business venture. I had a background in building, buying homes and my architecture couldn't hurt. I was really impressed with the key stumbling blocks to starting over. "Do you have bad credit, no money, and no experience?" uh ya, hey, no shit. Little by little I started buying the tapes, attending free seminars and buying every 'no money down' real estate books I could find . . . I'm asleep, are you awake?