Not A Hundred-Year-Old Wooden Boat

I looked out the window of crazy Jeff Daly’s office/home/river arcade shop and said, “look what’s docked behind your building.”

“I know. It’s the new little ferry boat for Westport.” Jeff says without looking up.

“A barge with a skinny pilot’s tower.”

“No. I’ll tell you what you see, you moron. It is a huge dance floor with a swing band, with a ton of people dancing, and a booze cart.” I said.

A little while later, Jeff very casually asked me if I wanted to talk to the guy selling the original Astoria Ferry, “Tourist No.2”.

While he’s holding the phone, I sarcastically say, “Daley, all those 100-year-old Ferries that we rode as kids are sunk.

“Not this one, hurry, he’s on the phone.” Jeff states very matter-of -factly. Leave it to Jeff to immediately google Astoria ferries and find it. It would have never occurred to me.

google Astoria ferries and find it. It would have never occurred to me. Two weeks later my fishing boat Captain, Brian and myself are in Bremerton, Washington looking at the gorgeous original, 1924 Tourist No. 2 Ferry.

When I met the owner/Captain Lint I had to ask him, “why did you buy this 100’ giant boat?”

“Do you see the tap with five types of beer? By the way do you want a beer? I don’t feel so well.

Anyway, I needed a place to go to after the bars cut me off.” Captain Lint smiled and said.

Christian was exactly my age and weirder than me. We hit it off immediately. His life has been an amazing adventure.

Christian became Astoria’s biggest cheerleader. Without his support and cooperation there wouldn’t be a ferry docked at Pier 39 in Astoria. He’s amazing.

Most of the towns people thought that this was just too daunting of a task.

“My God it was built in 1924 and it is wooden and has a million things wrong with it”

“Where do we keep it? Who will run it? Who will pay for it? Who will work on it? Who will tackle this?”

Once again, a few people didn’t listen. Maybe it won’t work but don’t tell that to the Astoria Ferry group.

Captain Cristian has been extremely patient while the “Friends of the Astoria Ferry” got assembled and through all everyone’s fantastic hard work have started on their way to restoring an iconic Columbia River Ferry Boat.By the way, Christian and Captain Peacock took this river boat ferry in the ocean to deliver it to Astoria.

If you get a chance, ask the Captain about that trip.