They are everywhere. You can't escape them. Sometimes it's even worse. Sometimes, they are your parents, your spouse, your friends, your coworkers, or even worse, your brain. The world teaches us how to be cautious and fearful. Our brain is worse. It constantly warns us about the many pitfalls out there. It just screams about all the risks there are.

Don't get hurt. Play safe. Don't try it. It won't work. It will take too long. You will lose everything.

It any easy to counteract all that. It's a continuous job. How do we overcome our fears? It takes work. Since sometimes our naysayers are so much in our lives, how do we remove ourselves from those people. It's tough. It takes practice. First, I would try to realize the source. Most of the world does not take chances. Most of us just play it safe.

I wasn't talking to the successful dreamers.

Ignoring the naysayers in life is not very easy for me. I had a million naysayers, so I just had to be aware of them. I would try to not engage them in my dreams. I would try to talk about other easier subjects. When my audience was giving me their fearful advice even with their best intentions, I would try to realize that this was just their experiences from their own self-limiting beliefs. Why would these people think that somebody could do something cool and big, when they couldn't? That doesn't make these people bad, it just makes them human. They are held back by the same limiting and self-defeating beliefs as we are. If they believed in our dreams, then where does that leave them. It's easy for them to think our goals are just unrealistic and futile. It makes them feel better.

I also wasn't talking or hanging out with the successful dreamers. It was easier to hang out where I felt better about myself.

For me to change though, it was easier. I was alone. I was already broke. I had already lost my house. I had already lost my car. I was already sleeping on someone else's couch. Hell, let's go for it.

Now to change the damn negative chatter in my brain. I started to do the footwork.

I was taught that if I wanted to make a million dollars a year while sleeping, then never ask the person who makes $500,000 a year but works 40 hours a week. He will spend all day telling you why you are nuts. If it was possible for him to do that then why wouldn't he.

The tough thing in life is to find the right mentor. They are out there but not always easy to find.