Leave It To Beaver

I was even president of the Davey Crockett Club since there were only five members and I started it. There were a million kids on every street, a million dogs, no leashes, no fences, no cats, no locked doors, no locks on bicycles. Us kids left in the morning, came back at dinner and mom never asked us to stay hydrated. As you see on the left my dad was fun and I could hold up a 43 pound salmon with my left arm.

Everything was still okay up and through high school. I played sports loved school and minus a little excessive partying everything was ducky. I loved this period of my life. I thought I had the world by the tale.jake jacob high school photo 1967 I knew once I left po-dunk Astoria I was on a new adventure. I had tons of plans, ideas, and expectations. I was going to see the world. Mom had a drinking problem. Mom and dad argued, but so did most of my friends folks. It just wasn't "Leave it to Beaver" at home . . . still bored