Learn Something, Quick

Remember, I never came up with any of the ideas to make my life go a little easier. Every single one of these thoughts, sayings, platitudes (whatever that means), or witticisms came from books, seminars, mentors, or just people mad at me.

The first third of my life, up until 34, I didn’t listen to anyone. Why should I. I had a big ego and little self-esteem. My life was the shits. I had two divorces, dropped out of college, kicked out the Army (the most humiliating part of my history), failed at 4-5 businesses, been broke too many times to count, lost my house and too many cars to count, and I was kind of depressed. Really?

Why would I listen to anyone? They would all just yell at me. You didn’t have to be a scientist to figure out that i had failed a few times.

Why would I read self-help books? They would just depress me more.

Why would I seek out mentors? There was nothing to mentor.

Why would I go to a seminar? I would just get sadder. Plus, they cost money.

But now for the change.

I was tired of failing over and over. I knew my way wasn’t working. No shit.

I actually started to feel a little motivated. Then I got more motivated. Then I got real motivated.

I started buying books. I could afford them. Then I saved up for the tapes. Then I saved up for seminars. Then I joined a real estate investment club. Then I started an entrepreneurial club. I started to ask questions. I started to really listen. I found mentors. I just didn’t tell them they were my mentors.

Then I got hooked. It became contagious. I became obsessed with learning.

That’s how I changed. I never had one original thought. I stole them all.