Maybe I can beat this stuff.

I want to replace some. OK, maybe a lot of bad habits.

Let see, where to start first.

How about water? They say I'm supposed to drink a million, OK, 8 glasses of water a day. Shit, I don't even drink one a day. Remember what W.C. Fields says, "I won't drink anything that fish
(fu@*!@!) in."

I've tried for years with no luck. Then I read the "Mini Habit" book. This author wanted to exercise but like me, he hated it. Finally, he came up with this idea (maybe he read it in a book too). Let's just do one push up. Not every day. Not all the time. Just one. Here's the trick. It works. This little habit was one he couldn't fail. Guess what? He never did just one, but his voice said he always could get down on the floor and do just one. So, every day he got on the floor to do just one push up and guess what? He did more than one. Eventually he started doing more every day. Today he works out three times a week in a gym.

Now, don't get me wrong. Who knows if he's telling the truth. Hell, he's probably lying. He has to. Christ, he's writing a book. He has to say it works, who the hell would read his book, but here's the secret. It works.

When I hated my job with its architectural drafting (I still do), I would trick myself into starting by telling myself to just tape the drawing to the desk and do nothing else. By the way, for you kids, there was no computer drafting. We did it by hand, honestly. Back to the stupid story.

That I could do. Just tape the God damn paper to the desk. I couldn't say no to that. Invariably I would do more than that and get started. Sometimes, much to my amazement, I would work longer than I expected.

So, a thousand years later, I forgot my own little 'getting started' trick, I came across the 'Mini Habits' book.

So now I'm trying the same principal to water consumption and working out. The author says I should only do one habit at a time but what does he know. Plus, he ain't watching me. So far it seems to be making some progress. Hell, it sure makes me more aware.

God damn I hate water.