There was somebody else that found this process unique. A good friend and neighbor, Dick Thompson, filmed the building of a dock for over a year and the building of the hotel on the dock for an additional eight months.

the building of the cannery pier hotel video cover

He was probably in his late seventies and he showed up on the dock rain or shine with an eight millimeter camera duct-taped to a twenty-two rifle stock. At that time I wasn't sure what I could do with almost two years of homemade film making but I sure am grateful now because we turned his work into a thirty minute documentary hiring other professionals to enhance, edit, and make it as professional as we could turned out to be a real blessing. It took forever for my goofy narration to match up with the filming sequence, but after a lot of swearing and screaming we now have " The Building of the Cannery Pier Hotel. " That little video sells like hot-cakes.