I Wouldn't Recommend This ~ Book Cover

Remember, I started out clever and determined, but I got a little side-tracked for the next thirteen, self destructive years. If more details are needed read my book " I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS ". A tortured glimpse into my twisted mind during my early twenties that lead to my demise as a productive citizen. Check it out. You may find it hilarious or if you are more structured and responsible you may find it ridiculous. If you think I made it up, then nothing matters.

sarah's circus ~ Book Cover

A fun chapter in my childhood happened when I was twelve and my tough dad dropped me off early in the morning at the fairgrounds. You can read all about this in my book I co-authored with Sally Lackaff titled " SARAH'S CIRCUS ". A beautifully illustrated children's book based upon me as a skinny little kid with glasses who had a bizarre adventure working for the traveling circus. It wasn't like I thought. Circus people are like the animals, caged, angry, and dirty. Unlike the animals, the setup crew and performers all seemed to be drunks. It was a wild day.

fins finns and astorians book cover

I thought for many years about writing a book about Astoria's amazing history, but I turned out to be too lazy. I even tried to get my brother to write something about Astoria, but that never happened. Once the hotel got closer to being real and less of a pipe dream, I conned my brother into joining Terry and I as owner investors. Against all of his financial acumen, which was nil, he had huge fears and trepidation, but I persevered. I took all of his last little bit of savings.

Hell, if I was going to go broke, he could go broke just like his little brother. It would be like a family thing. I never understood that phrase with 'water and blood.' Once I had him roped in, I forced him to write a book. Why not, he had a doctorate in English and taught writing.

His first draft sucked and thank God his son said, 'dad you wrote it like a professor doing a doctorate. It reads like a n encyclopedia.' Thank God Eric said that and not me, but I did agree. He went back to his cronies and dug up more history and came up with his very successful book, " Fins, Finns and Astorians. " Basically out of the hotel gift shop and a couple of local book stores he has sold over five thousand copies.

People really love his telling of Astoria's ribald past and sometimes he even comes down and speaks and sells a few books for cash.