A Slight Road Bump

I was extremely excited to go to college, learn architecture, meet new friends, get to know more than ten girls, and drink beer. I couldn't wait for my new life. I knew college would be a blast.

Oops, I had a slight road bump. Well maybe more like driving over the cliff. I got pregnant when I was eighteen, had my daughter Cheryl at nineteen and she came with my new wife Tauni. I didn't handle it well. Liquor became my aspirin.

jake drunk in college dorm roomAfter this disastrous period of my life, all by the age of 23, I remained a troubled bag of shit fighting booze. Not much point in describing that part of my history. Some really fun and great times but too much garbage and pain for everyone around me. Mainly just twelve years of false starts, some successes, lots of failures, and some jails. I eventually came to a crossroads in 1985.jake drunk in his underwear Being thirty five years old I took another scary look at my life. After 13 years of self-loathing, therapy, AA meetings, denial, rehab centers, more self-loathing, more meetings, more therapy, more rehab centers, and most of all, lots of constructive criticism from wives, girlfriends, family, police, judges, jail mates, employers, and many casual friends, I saw the light. Bingo; maybe how I have been living has not very productive. Bingo. Being unemployed or worse yet, doing 30 days of county jail many times gives one some quiet time to reflect. Usually in jail it gave me about 20 hours a day to just ruminate . . . i'm bored