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Basically this is about how a guy can have a great start, blow it all up, lose everything multiple times and then grovel and crawl his way out before it gets too late.

I am Robert Harold Jacob. I have been nicknamed 'Jake' since my early 20's. My childhood friends call me Bob. My newer friends call me 'Jake'. The IRS calls me Robert. My friends that are older than me call me Bobby. I don't care. I know you don't.

I have had some fun experiences.

I have had some different experiences.

I have had some bizarre experiences.

I have had some expensive experiences.

I have had some sad experiences.

I have had some experience that I didn't want to have.

Some I have learned from, others I haven't.

I've been told that some people would like to hear about the gunk I went through.

We will see.

My Book

I Wouldn't Recommend This ~ Book Cover

Remember, I started out clever and determined, but I got a little side-tracked for the next thirteen, self destructive years. If more details are needed read my book " I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS ". A tortured glimpse into my twisted mind during my early twenties that lead to my demise as a productive citizen. Check it out. You may find it hilarious or if you are more structured and responsible you may find it ridiculous. If you think I made it up, then nothing matters.